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Lingnan Scholars Guide

Manual updates on your Lingnan Scholars profile

You may enrich your profile with the following information via manual update:
♦   Add your name variant
♦   Add your researcher identity (if any, e.g. ORCID, Scopus ID, Researcher ID)
♦   Upload a profile photo
♦   Add links (e.g. Google Scholar,, Facebook, LinkedIn...etc)
♦   Add/Update biography & research interest
♦   Add any positions held in other institutions

How to update your personal information
♦   View the video guide:

Follow the instructions below to populate each of these sections.

1. Login your Lingnan Scholars account with Lingnan credential.

2. You will land on ‘Personal Overview’ page, where you can have an overview of your profile data

3. Click ‘Edit profile…’ button to edit your personal detail.

4. The personal information page should then appear, scroll down to the relevant fields and then click edit to update your personal information

(Data marked with indicate synchronized fields. Edit or Delete function is disabled. Data error or update, if any, should be reported to Library Scholarly Communication Team at

5. Add/Edit Name Variant: Click "Add Name Variant" to add any preferred name other than your official name from Lingnan record (e.g. known as name, default publishing name - can optimise the matching to your author name on imported publication records).

6. Add your Research identitiy (if any, e.g. ORCID ID, Scopus author ID). You can create/connect your ORCID record via Lingnan Scholars through simple steps. Visit the service webpage for further information.

7. Upload Profile photos (Adding a profile picture can significantly enhance your profile page):Scroll down to "Profile photos", click "Add file...", and then drag the file or browse your computer for the relevant image file.

Be aware of the following:
• We recommend portrait dimensions 3:2.
• The image must have the file format .jpeg to be displayed correctly on all types of websites.
• We recommend a file size between 200kb and 900kb
• The image file name (which is before .jpeg) must not contain characters such as: . @ / \ ? : * ” < >
• You can have more than one picture in Pure, but only one appears on the webpage, make sure that the one to display is at the top

Please be aware that the picture will be updated instantly on your personal website, but in order to be shown on cards on the employee lists it need a further synchronisation, that happen once every night.

8. Add links: Scroll down to "Links", Click "Add link" to add links to your other profile websites outside Lingnan University (i.e. own website, Facebook page, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, etc. It is recommended to also add a link to your new Lingnan Scholar Profile Page on your non-university profile pages to increase mutual findability.)

9. Add/Update Biography & Research interests: Scroll down to the sub heading entitled ‘Curriculum and research description’ and click ‘Add profile information…’ or 'Edit'. Then add/edit information about yourself (you may want to copy and paste from another source e.g. Departmental page / Google Scholar profile / your own CV to save your time).

10. Add any positions held in other institutions : Scoll down to "Position outside of the institution" section, click "Add External Position" and then add the information.

11. After all amendments, make sure you press the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen (otherwise you will lose all your changes).

12. Your profile is now updated and will appear on Lingnan Scholars (Please note that any changes will take a few moments to update on the Portal.)

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