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Lingnan Scholars Guide

Manage Your Research Output @ Lingnan Scholars

The following pages provide a brief introduction on how to add and manage your research outputs in Lingnan Scholars. The guide is divided into five parts:

University’s Policy on Public Access of Research Outputs

According to Lingnan University’s Policy on Research, Knowledge Transfer and Intellectual Property, Clause 4.6 – Public access

“The University reserves the right to require the deposit of all published papers arising from funded research in the University’s institutional repository (IR)… with a view to maximizing public access to and public benefit from research findings…If the journal does not provide open access, the University may accept placing some version (preprint or postprint) of the paper in its IR. The same arrangement applies to other forms of research output

You can deposit your full-text to Lingnan Scholars (subject to Publishers’ Open Access Policy). For details, please refer:
  ♦   Lingnan Scholars User Guide - Adding Research Outputs Manually
  ♦   Self-Archiving your Research Outputs

Public Display of Research Outputs

Lingnan Researchers can record all your research outputs (completed, accepted or in-progress) created at different stages in your profile, but ONLY those that fulfilled the following conditions would be displayed in Lingnan Scholars - public portal:

  • E-Pub ahead of Print
  • Officially Published (Print or Electronic version)
  • Accepted article (proof of acceptance would be needed for validation)
  • Topics accepted for presenting in conferences or other academic events for presentation / publication.  (Other invited talks should be handled as Activities)
  • For Non-Textural outputs - with proven evidence that the outputs have been publicly broadcasted, distributed or disseminated, etc


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