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Lingnan Scholars Guide

Lingnan Scholars Data

Lingnan Scholars provides an overview of Lingnan’s research activities, including the number of experts, research units, research outputs etc.

Research information in Lingnan Scholars is organised based on the following content types:

  Researcher Profiles   Departments / Units   Research Outputs   Projects / Grants
  Research Activities   Press / Media   Impacts   Prizes
  Dataset   Student Theses   Facilities / Equipments

Research Profiles
Information on Lingnan Researchers, including:
♦  Personal Information
♦  Past and Current Positions and Organization Affiliation at Lingnan
♦  Other Profile Details
♦  ORCID ID / Researcher ID / Scopus ID

Data Source: Lingnan Banner System

Departments / Units
Lingnan Organization Structures

Data Source: Lingnan Banner System

Research Outputs
Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Creative Works, Conference Contribution, Non-traditional outputs, etc.

Data Source: Digital Commons (Lingnan), Scopus, Ebsco (External databases), and self-reported data (subject to validation)

Projects / Grants
Snapshots of Research Project, Funding Sources, Assoicate Outputs, Impact, etc.

Data Source: ORKT-Managed data

Research Activities
Community Engagement, Public Services, Consultation, Editorial Works, Speeches, etc.

Data Source: Self-reported Data (subject to validation)

Press / Media
Press Clippings, News Coverage based on research

Data Source: OIAPA-managed data

Describe research impacts with qualitative, quantitative or other narrative evidence

Data Source: University's Impact Story

Prizes, Awards, Honours, other Distinction

Data Source: Self-reported data

A collection of raw statistics and information generated by a research study

Data Source: Self-reported data

Student Theses
Theses supervised by Lingnan academic staff and awarded by Lingnan University

Data Source: Self-reported data

Facilities / Equipment
Information about Lingnan facilities and equipment

Data Source: University's facilities data

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