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Lingnan Scholars Guide

Understand Your Profile @ Lingnan Scholars

Your Researcher Profile in Lingnan Scholars have the following basic data synchronized from designated data sources:

No. Profile Details Data Sources
Photo No Photo will be uploaded by default
Name + Title Banner
Organization-affiliation @ Lingnan Banner
Contact Information @ Lingnan Banner
Research Data Overview Various Sources
Bibliometrics (Citation Counts | h-index) Scopus (based upon research outputs captured)
Researcher Identity (if available) ORCID@Lingnan + Library-recorded data
Education/Academic qualification Data synchronized from HRO ePersonal Particulars system

Lingnan Scholar will auto-populate a researcher profile for you with the following information:
♦  Name + Title
♦  Lingnan affiliation + contact information
♦  Fingerprint and Network
♦  Researcher Identity (if available)
♦  Education/Academic qualification (if available)

If you notice any errors in these auto-generated records, send an email to detailing the errors.

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