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Lingnan Scholars Guide

What to do if my output is still in-progress?

Researchers may choose the proper output template in comparison with RGC classification for the published output. You can also record in-progress output by choosing proper publication status within record.

Phrase 1 : Manuscript

A research output comes to life once the author has written the manuscript. If you has already chosen a home for the article – the target journal, the target book, etc, choose the target format’s template and record its publication status as “in preparation”.

E.g. A work-in-progress output for journal publication

If you do not have any target journal/book for the in-progress output, choose "Preprint" template. 

Once the output is formally published, just remark the publication details in Notes field, the library staff will validate and revise the record to its proper format.

Phrase 2 : Submitted

Author submits the completed output to the potential publisher. The article will soon be picked up and assessed by an editor and then the lifecycle splits: the article may go back to the author, or move on to reviewers.

In your Lingnan Scholars record, add a new publication status "Submitted" and mark the submitted date. 

Phrase 3 : Accepted

Once the article has been accepted in its target journal/book, it will enter the production phase, including typesetting and proofing process. Author can add "Accepted/In Press" status in the Lingnan Scholars record.

Phrase 4 : Published

Once publisher and author finished the final check, the output will be formally published. Some publishers (esp. online journal) will have an advance online version (i.e. will be published in a future issue but have yet to appear in print) before the print version is ready, you can add the advance online date by adding "E-pub ahead of print" publication status.


Once the printed version is published, author can add the final status "Published" in the Lingnan Scholars Record.

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