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Research performance insights on thousands of institutions worldwide

What is SciVal?

SciVal is a web-based analytics solution based on Scopus data, which provides access to the research performance of thousands of research institutions and their associated researchers worldwide. It helps you to visualize your research performance, benchmark against peers, develop strategic partnershipsidentify emerging research trends and create uniquely tailored reports.

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Scopus is the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It is recognized as an authoritative source of bibliometric data which is being widely used by international university ranking agencies like THE and QS.

How to access SciVal?

  1. You can get access to SciVal from 1-Search, or via this link.

  2. Login with an Elsevier account.

    Note: If you do not have an account for any Elsevier product (e.g. Scopus, Mendeley or ScienceDirect), you will need to create a personal account first

A Tip for Researchers:

You can link your Scopus Author Profile to your SciVal account to review your author metrics in SciVal. See "How to export an author profile from Scopus to SciVal" for more details.

SciVal consists of five modules which allow you to:


  • Get an overview of the research performance of institution(s), research group(s), individual(s), etc.

How to use the Overview module?


  • Compare research performance of different entities based on a variety of metrics

  • Monitor your progress over time

How to use the Benchmarking module?


  • Evaluate existing research collaborations and partnerships

  • Identify potential new collaboration partners

How to use the Collaboration module?


  • Analyze the research trends of any research area to locate key institutions and researchers

  • Identify growing and declining topics in fields of interest

How to use the Trends module?


  • Create customized reports tailored for specific purposes

How to use the Reporting module?

Watch this 5-minute video to gain an overview of SciVal: