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Provides useful resources for the group project of BUS2108 Global Business Environment.

Finding Course Readings

The Library worked with your instructor to create online reading list of the course readings for our students. You can search the Course Readings via 1-Search or Course Readings @ Library with the Course Code or Course Name.


This guide aims to help you get started on finding information for your group project of BUS2108 Global Business Environment.  It introduces you with useful information resources include databases and web resources on country profiles, country competitiveness & industry Information and news.

BUS2108 Project Description

Group Project and Presentation

Your Group Assignment is practical in nature and requires you to apply many of the concepts from the course to a ‘real-life’ business situation. You will be marked on the following:


A group needs to make a professional 20-minute presentation outlining its analysis and providing the reasons for its choice.


A group should present a written report of its analysis. Reports should be about 4,000 words in length although its format varies with use of tables, charts etc.

Your team is working as management consultants for a Hong Kong manufacturing company. The organization sells 40% of its products in Asia, 30% in North America and 30% in Europe. At present the firm has one manufacturing facility in Hong Kong but is looking to build a larger more modern plant in another country, you expect to employ about 1,500 workers there. The firm has already done some preliminary work and has come down to a choice between two countries in which to site this new facility. You are required to advise the firm on which of these countries may be the most appropriate manufacturing location for the firm. Goods produced in the new facility will be exported worldwide and are not intended for the ‘local’ market.

In order to advise the firm, you will need to consider the business environments in each of the countries that have been suggested. In particular, you will need to consider;

At the end of your analysis, you must make a choice of which country the firm should locate in and provide a summary of the main reasons for your choice. (Note that Investment Promotion bodies of many countries will be able to help provide you with this information, check the Internet to find links to these bodies. You may also wish to contact the commercial arms of local Consulates in order to speak with a Commercial Officer involved in Investment Promotion activities).

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