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Research Data Management

A comprehensive guide to the best practices for planning, collecting, working with, sharing and reusing research data

What is Data Management Plan?

Data Management Plan (DMP) is a written document that describes what data will be generated in the research and how the data will be managed throughout and beyond the research lifecycle. It is a live document that should be reviewed and updated regularly throughout the course of the project. A proper DMP not only helps researchers to comply with funders' data plan requirements, but also allows them to think through their research data workflow at the early stage of a research project.

Why DMP Matters?

Researchers are encouraged to have a DMP for their research project to:

  • comply with funders' requirements on DMP
    • Funders increasingly require a DMP as part of grant applications
  • plan for resources and tools in advance
  • avoid unnecessary data duplication
  • increase research efficiency
Check out the data plan requirements for major funders at: