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InfoLit for U


What is MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses. Courses are open to public on the Internet for anyone to enroll, and free of charge. MOOC provides a flexible way for you to learn new knowledge and share your learning output. 









According to Oxford English Dictionary:


  MOOC is an educational course made available to a large number of people via the Internet. 

Why information literacy MOOC?

The MOOC "InfoLit for U" is one of the products of the joint-university Information Literacy Project:

"Enhancing information literacy in Hong Kong higher education through the development and implementation of shared interactive multimedia courseware"

The MOOC is created by the eight local UGC-funded university libraries.


The goal of the MOOC is to provide a flexible learning mean for university students of Hong Kong on learning information literacy.

Features of the MOOC "InfoLit for U" : 

  • self-paced
  • non-credit bearing
  • suitable for undergraduate students in all years of study
  • 1+8 modules 
    • Focal Module (for ALL students)
    • Discipline Module (for students of specific disciplines)
  • no entry requirement

Contact information:

For any question on registration and using of the MOOC "InfoLit for U", please contact Lingnan University Library by email: