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Introduction to Mendeley


Logo of Mendeley
Mendeley is a free citation management tool for you to efficiently organise and share your citation and bibliography list. 


1. Install Mendeley

Download the Medenley to your own PC at: . To install 2 components of the program:

2. Register to the Mendeley personal account:

The use of the online account is to sync your Mendeley Library to the cloud and between computers. It also allows you to share of references with other accounts.

Mendeley app

To easily mange your Mendeley Library and citations anytime and anywhere, please visit to download the Mendeley app for your mobile devices. 

The Mendeley Interface

Here is explanation of different parts of the interface.

Illustration of the interface

Mendeley Web Importer

To quickly and easily add the citation to Mendeley, you are advised to install the "Mendeley Web Importer".

The Web Importer is an add-on to your web browsers. With it, you can easily save the citation of any article and webpage to your Mendeley Library when you are browsing any website or discovery tool for your research.

Web importer


Here below is an example:

Example of web importer

Literature Search

You can conduct a search for literature through Mendeley Desktop platform.

With this function, you can search for articles you need, view the details of the articles and directly save the articles into your Mendeley Library.

Literature Search