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What is a bibliography?

Bibliography is "a list of references and citations". While "citation" refers to scholarly works (books, journal papers, newspaper articles, etc.), which are organized in a standard format, that you want to give acknowledgment when you prepare an academic paper.

Bibliography is always placed at the end of the academic paper, and it is important to include the bibliography because:

1.  It can give credit to all those works that contribute to your paper.

2.  It can add the creditability to your paper.

3.  It is an important way to let the readers refer to the related works of your article they find an interest.



Bibliography and Plagiarism

If you do not give citation to any of the referenced work in your paper, you will be infringing "Plagiarism".

"Plagiarism" is a kind of academic theft, which means you have "stolen" and incorporated someone's idea or words into your own piece of work.

Plagiarism is considered as a form of dishonest practice in course work, in other words, a case of cheating.  It is considered as a serious academic dishonesty and will lead to serious consequences.

As stipulated in the Regulations Governing University Examinations, "A student considered to have cheated in course work should be given a zero mark for that particular piece of work."  The case will be brought to relevant university authorities as well. (Reference:

The Lingnan University has a clear guideline on plagiarism under Academic Integrity. Please refer to this page for more information:


Turnitin is a software for preventing plagiarism for teachers and students. Starting from the academic year 2016-17, the software is made a mandatory platform for submitting written assignments in all courses

For details, you may refer to the training materials in using Turnitin in Moodle provided by the Teaching and Learning Centre. You can view details under "Blended Learning is main facilitated at Lingnan University via the MOODLE".

Commonly Used Reference Management Software in Lingnan


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Legacy RefWorks
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